Basia & Olli

My name is Basia. I am a motivational and fitness coach and come from professional dance. I have organized workshops across Europe and taught people to dance and be on stage. 5 years ago I created my own dance style Selada for more self-confidence and happiness and started to coach people on the topics of partnership and communication, body awareness, fitness and mindfulness and to motivate them to achieve their goals.

I am oliver. I am a certified mediator, supervisor and communication and life coach. I come from the field of music and worked as an international DJ and music producer for over 25 years. I lived in the USA and England for a long time and traveled to over 80 countries in my career.
Especially through my many trips and the many people I was able to get to know, I have a very high level of empathy and a great deal of understanding for any form of needs that may arise in interpersonal areas.

Selada Team