Magic Lift! The healthy alternative to botox / snake venom extract!

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6 reviews for Magic Lift! Die gesunde Alternative zu Botox / Schlangengift-Extrakt!

  1. Kristin -

    I use the MagicLift as routine care. It has a slight fresh smell and one pipette is enough for the face, neck and décolleté. Can be distributed well and is quickly absorbed
    My skin is "juicy" and feels soft. The complexion is fresher and more even.

  2. Ulrike -

    It's unbelievable how many compliments I get. My wrinkles aren't that deep anymore and I just look totally relaxed, especially my worry line isn't that deep anymore, thank you.

  3. Eva -

    I'm just thrilled. After a few days my skin looks refreshed and smoother, even pimple marks are gradually disappearing. At first it feels a bit sticky after application, but after a few seconds there is a feeling of softness and purity. Just great.

  4. Catherine -

    MagicLift does what it says on the tin, my skin looks smoother. I am even asked about it because I look fresher and more relaxed or more relaxed, almost like after a vacation. I can only recommend.

  5. Brigitte -

    It tightens in my opinion, especially at the place of the wrinkles ……. So I recommend trying ...

  6. accurvita -

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About the product

Magic Lift (30ml)

Wrinkle-free thanks to snake venom extract. The healthy alternative to botox!

Anti-aging care with active ingredients from snake venom and the oil from the “miracle tree” Moringa oleifera

MagicLift contains the new poly-peptide azemiopsin, discovered by bio-organic science, which was synthesized from the venom of the Vietnamese viper "Feae".

Scientific studies and long-term tests have shown that MagicLift reduces facial wrinkles by neutralizing muscle contractions and thus reducing the depth of expression lines and lines, smoothing the skin of the face.

The effect is comparable to that of the well-known Botox: The skin is smoothed and the depth of wrinkles is reduced within a few days. However, the application is completely painless and harmless.

Already after 28 days of daily applications with MagicLift A wrinkle reduction and smoothing of the facial skin of more than 49 percent was achieved, so that an almost wrinkle-free, more even and permanently rejuvenated complexion and appearance was recognizable again.

Apply the oil to the desired areas of the face and neck in the morning and evening and then massage in gently (recommended: cupping massage with a cupping glass).

MagicLift Thanks to its purely organic ingredients, it is free of mineral oils and therefore suitable for women and men of all skin types - especially for more mature skin - and can also be used as day and night care.

 The first German product, which contains the newly developed PentaPeptide "Azemiopsin" to a high degree, achieves 7 times greater activity in reducing and smoothing wrinkles and relaxing the facial muscles and skin than other care products with synthesized snake peptides.

Long-term scientific studies and long-term product tests on people have shown that after only 20 days of regular skin care with products containing the new poly-peptide "Azemiopsin" such as the MagicLift Venom Complex, more than 49 % and a reduction in wrinkle depth of 9% could be achieved.

Care products like MagicLift Venom Complex, which contain the new poly-peptide "Azemiopsin", are non-toxic, do not have an invasive effect, no poison is injected into your body, there are no negative side effects from injections, nothing needs to be injected or treated afterwards and no facial muscles freeze forever like with treatments with BOTOX.

Together with the newly developed poly-peptide "Azemiopsin" and the pure, biologically high quality Moringa oil from the "miracle tree" Moringa oleifera, the unpleasant moment when wrinkles appear in the facial area can at least be reduced and postponed.