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Selada is the new source for lasting wellbeing and inner balance.

Nowadays, the challenges that people face in everyday life are becoming more and more complex. You will be overrun by a multitude of situations, some of which you are only faced with helpless and perplexed. A self-determined life seems to be moving further and further away, and you swap your freedom for a hamster wheel turning faster and faster. People also like to speak of “Groundhog Day”, the “marmot greets forever” effect, which mercilessly dominates our lives more and more. In times of flood of information we all hardly have the air to breathe, we feel rushed, the level of stress rises and makes us a puppet of external circumstances that can hardly be influenced. This flood of influencing factors has a noticeable effect on our mental and physical health and has a lasting effect on our general wellbeing. The stress level rises and rises and slowly but steadily makes us both physically and mentally ill through the inexorable release of the well-known stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline. The driving forces that slowly but inexorably put us under stress are primarily time pressure, various diffuse fears and an unhealthy lifestyle.

As a result, we feel less and less comfortable in our skin. Physical ailments alternate with emotional ones, and either we run into overcrowded waiting rooms or hope for an appointment with a psychologist who is getting further and further away because the practices are being completely overrun by Corona. This creates further stress and the vicious circle begins to move faster and faster. We see the effects every day. People are reacting more and more irritably, moving away from each other, and even previously established social structures are threatening to break or have already broken. Happy are those who can still live in intact families or groups of friends. In the end, there have never been so many unhappy people. This is particularly true of the weakest in our society, our children, who are increasingly lacking not only help but also understanding and loving guidance for life in an everyday life that is no longer comprehensible to them. How should that work when even caregivers and their surroundings swim and no longer know how to help each other, how to escape the mess and return to the lost original form of happiness, balance and mindfulness. Unfortunately, we are increasingly unlearning what it means to be good to yourself and to set positive impulses both in our own life and outwardly.

For many people, a solution is a long way off, as the external influences seem too overpowering, but in reality the solution is all too close despite all this. It lies within us, we have all the keys and solutions in our own hands.

At Seleda, we start right here where the key to the source of well-being, joy and happiness can be found, namely in ourselves.

Through intensive preparatory communication with our interlocutors, we try to find out as much as possible about the causes and reasons that led to why you do not feel well, what underlies the stress and any underlying feelings such as anger, fear or sadness. Once we have formed a picture, we agree with our interlocutors what is important for you in order to regain physical and emotional balance. To do this, we use various methods such as:

- Conversation and communication coaching

- Paths to self-knowledge & mindfulness with the help of the Enneagram

- Breathing training and meditation instruction

- Nutritional advice including fasting support

- Individual fitness and sports programs (including dance training, fasting hikes, weight loss program and much more.)

- Special applications such as Shiatsu, cupping, Qi Qong

-Family and couple mediation by a trained / certified mediator (training at the internationally renowned Hertel Academy in HH).

... (also possible online / e.g. via ZOOM)

Often the solution lies in a combination of the different areas. There is no pill for everything, but there is a way that can replace this pill much better without side effects, and this way begins within ourselves. more conscious, happier, life will open up. The journey always begins with a first step, which is followed by many more. We are there for you and accompany you. 

Our training and coaching sessions are characterized by the fact that people are only released with a good, positive feeling. After every hour there will be a smile, we promise you that. 

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