"From the heart to the head and back again to the heart"

Our hearts become more and more silent, we become deaf to what it tells us.

In order to achieve sustainability in counseling for couples, one should also know or at least be able to guess the history of the person in order to get access to his heart.


We invite people to get lost, because only on new paths can one have new experiences that help one in life to live more in harmony between body, mind and soul. We use the Ennegaramm (a very extensive personality typology) as an aid, which helps us to understand


  • what's going on in us
  • what is important to us
  • what drives us
  • what we avoid


We use the energy that is released on this journey to transform it in the mind of our customers so that new forms of experience can establish themselves there, in order to enable people who have difficulty accessing the heart to face the great challenges in Mastering relationships with new perspectives and being able to tread new paths in life together with your partner. 


On this basis, we can better understand the causes of relationship conflicts and convert them into sustainable, positive perspectives and modes of action and reaction, and teach couples how to deal with one another. This transformation creates a completely new and healthy type of communication, which enables one to gradually leave the hamster wheel of old experiences and expectations.


We are convinced that this is becoming more and more important nowadays. We are just social beings and the efforts and challenges that roll over us every day lead to an ever-widening gap between what we supposedly want and want and what is actually implemented. In the end, what is left of all the wishes and dreams in everyday life? We always like to compare that to a shadow jumper who tries again and again and tirelessly to jump over his own shadow and always ends up on the same place until a deeper and deeper hole has formed over the years in which he then has finally disappears to find that he has become exactly what he never wanted to be, a person, detached from his wishes, hopes and dreams. The deeper the hole, the greater the effort to get out of it. Together with you we can help you to get back to cloud 7 with new strength and love and to come to light again in the dark.