Selada Christmas vouchers

Big Selada Christmas promotion until December 24th, 2021!

The following vouchers are available from the Selada.Soul and Selada.Body range:


Voucher for meditation and mindfulness training (about 2 hours): 160 Eur

Voucher for communication training (about 2 hours): 160 Eur

Voucher for "back to Woke 7" couple coaching (about 2 hours): 200 Eur


Voucher for a 10-card “Body Shaping Treatment, Fat Reduction and Tightening”: 395 Eur

Voucher for a private dance lesson with a choreography of your choice: 85 Eur

Voucher for the individual weight loss program “Selada.Burn! to your dream figure in 28 days ": 850 Eur

Voucher for a training session with weight loss and health tips (about 1.5 hours): EUR 110

Voucher for the Selada.Shop natural products, from the area: anti-aging, weight loss, beauty and health

or an individual voucher of your choice ...

Advice & booking by phone or via WhatsApp 01715804010 or by email:

(... applies to all offers: while stocks last <3)