Turmeric and Honey: The Miracle Antibiotic!

Always sick and nothing helps? Then try this natural antibiotic. All you need is honey and turmeric.

This combination is an invaluable natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments and ailments including indigestion, cold, flu, asthma, hypertension, high blood pressure, blood sugar, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, depression and anxiety, inflammation of wounds and burns, eczema, and psoriasis Acne as well as aging (protects the liver and kidneys). "
Turmeric and Honey - Probably the most powerful antibiotic in the world.
One study has shown that an Ayurvedic medicine that contains turmeric and honey as two of the active ingredients stimulates the production and functionality of immune cells, leading to improved immunity to disease.
The combination of turmeric with honey improves antimicrobial activity. They can work together against a wide variety of strains of bacteria and fungi that are known to cause infections in humans.
Turmeric, along with honey, can improve skin hydration and elasticity, and contribute to better skin health. Turmeric and honey are useful in treating oral mucositis, which is a complication of cancer treatments. "

“Golden Honey” = Kurkuma + Honig
The ingredients are simple: powdered turmeric and honey. When it comes to honey, it is important that it has been blown cold, is natural and untreated. Only in this way does it still contain all of its valuable ingredients. It is best to take the beekeeper or one with organic quality.

Preparation: Mix 1 tablespoon turmeric with 100 grams of honey until a homogeneous paste is formed. Fill them into a clean (preferably boiled glass beforehand) and seal it airtight.
Honey has disinfectant, turmeric antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Die Empfehlung zur Einnahme lautet so: Nehmen Sie am ersten Tag jede Stunde einen halben Teelöffel der Mischung ein. Lassen Sie die Paste dabei ein paar Sekunden auf der Zunge zergehen, bevor Sie sie schlucken. Am zweiten Tag nehmen Sie alle zwei Stunden einen halben Teelöffel der “Medizin”. Ab dem dritten Tag können Sie die Dosierung auf drei Mal täglich reduzieren.