hula hoop

Fit and slim with a hula hoop!

It trains the stomach, the back, the stamina and also puts you in a good mood!

If you regularly use a hula hoop to circle your waist, you train your coordination skills and shape your body. This effect arises because the entire abdominal muscles are intensely addressed during hula hoop training. At the same time, the tissue and internal organs are massaged by the vibrating tire, which in turn stimulates the metabolism. And that also has a positive effect on the figure with regular training.

Hula Hoop for weight loss! The calorie consumption of Hula Hoop Fitness is quite impressive: After an hour of Hula Hoop training, you burn an estimated between 400 and 600 calories. For comparison: after about 30 minutes of jogging you burn about 300 calories.