A summer figure in 28 days, an individual program

Hard and brutal but extremely effective! The trend of personal fitness coaches from London, Miami and LA is now coordinated and optimized for you by Basia for women who want to face the summer in a relaxed manner. Exercising like the stars from Hollywood is not magic, it's hard work and discipline!

The 28 day program that has it all. Get fit in 28 days and get your summer figure! How does it work? I need your input and you get my output.

Your individual program:

  • 1 hour preliminary talk with a comprehensive analysis sheet on your eating, sport and lifestyle habits in order to tailor the program to you individually
  • Evaluation of the analysis sheet
  • Nutrition and optimization advice for your daily routine
  • 3 x personal coaching per week of 1 hour each (plus one hour that you train alone)
  • Motivational group via WhatsApp. So that you don't feel alone, we are always connected to each other in the struggle for the summer figure
  • 4 x 1 hour training per week with a balanced nutrition plan is sufficient, but it is tough training, it builds muscle and burns fat. Your absolute will must be there and I will support you with all my strength and motivation. You don't have to go on a diet (to avoid the yo-yo effect). In addition, we can, on request, coordinate various diets or the secret tips and tricks of the stars in order to intensify the effect and at the same time minimize the risk of the yo-yo effect.
  • 1x weekly beauty treatment (1 hour) to activate the metabolism and in the fight against cellulite. With the latest trend from the USA, snake peptides (“because snakes have no wrinkles”)
  • Preferential prices for Selada Beauty products

Individual training or in small groups of up to 5 people possible.

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Basia motivates you with loving consistency to declare war on the pounds or to improve your fitness! You are also well supported outside of the actual training session and advised with valuable tips on healthy nutrition and boosting your metabolism! The training is individually adapted and you can tell the trainer is passionate about it!
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Selada weight loss training with Basia was so much fun because she was a great one; is a very dear trainer even if it was exhausting. You get the feeling that you are good as you are, but that you can do a lot more for your well-being. That helped me a lot. I will take part in the summer camp in France this year, which I am really looking forward to as I am sure that it will bring me a lot.
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I tried a lot to finally lose weight and finally found a way with the celada program. It was tough but powerful and so much fun. It's addictive. Many thanks to Basia for the company, support and motivation
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The weight loss training at Basia was specially tailored to me and my needs. Pure motivation! The first successes became apparent very quickly, and my dream of putting on a bikini again, after countless diets and powders and remedies, finally worked through the Basia program, and it did so permanently. Thanks for that. A new attitude towards life, I am so happy.
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Through the individual weight loss program from Basia, I not only lost weight, finally achieved my dream figure, but also improved my health. I feel more fit and happy than I have for a long time. It wasn't just the training but also the conversations that really motivated me. It was also a wonderful feeling to do something "ONLY" for yourself, as Basia always says: "We are worth it and important to us." Thanks for that.
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I have already participated in this program myself and I am convinced that it will bring something. You lose weight in a short time and the best thing is that there is no yo-yo effect. The entire body tightens itself in no time. In addition, despite the exertion, it is a lot of fun because Basia does all the exercises herself. Basia is always in a good mood, laughs and puts her heart into it. That is exactly what she transfers to others. A power woman !!
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Selada: great fun with lots of exercise and great music. After the lesson you feel exhausted but happy and very light. Coaching: The coaching gave great ideas. I went home fully motivated. Losing weight: I tried a lot to finally lose weight and finally found a way with the celada program. It was tough but powerful and so much fun. It's addictive. Many thanks to Basia for the company, support and motivation